Natalia Shturm refused to help Eugene Aspen

Наталья Штурм отказалась помогать Евгению Осину
Some time ago in the media appeared the news that popular 90s singer Evgeny Osin bedridden, his legs refused.

Наталья Штурм отказалась помогать Евгению Осину

The actor asked for help and started raising money for surgery to solve health problems.

Natalia Shturm after he visited Eugene, said that he suffers from alcoholism, and the money he asks for a drink.

“We have to make excuses for the desire to help a longtime friend, Eugene Aspen, which not only refused any real help, but still, in a telephone conversation reproached that it was not the doctors, and framed. So I more did not touch him that he doesn’t drink and never drank. And nothing he treated is not necessary. OK! I know that he does not need money. He only needed medical help. But every Smith of my life”, – said Natalia in Instagram.

Most blamed the Assault that it is at the expense of Aspen has decided to increase its popularity. Although apparently she only wanted to help his old friend.

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