Мария Ситтель поведала о будущем ребенке Popular TV presenter is preparing to become a mother for the fifth time. Maria Sittel welcomes the birth of another heir. While early pregnancy allows star TV to continue working.

      Мария Ситтель поведала о будущем ребенке

      The news that the popular TV presenter Maria Sittel will become a mother for the fifth time, was a pleasant news for her family, colleagues and, of course, fans. However, it is the celebrity who will give her husband, businessman Alexander Tereshchenko, boy or girl, the host of “Vesti” informs.

      “Don’t know who will. We never thought of. According to tradition — who is God!” said Sittel.

      I must say that now in the family of Mary and Alexander are growing three sons – Ivan, Savva and Nicholas, as well as the eldest daughter Dasha from his first marriage, the stars of television. Now an experienced mom prepares for birth of another heir. According to journalists, now Sittel is the fourth month of pregnancy.

      Interestingly, Maria coped with the role of a mother of many children. Despite the fact that she has a lot of work, however, she manages to pay attention to each child. For many fans it is a real example of successful women, successful in his profession, a loving wife and caring mother. She also shares her knowledge about journalism novice television Institute MITRO.

      Of course, Maria recognizes that the upbringing of children requires a lot of energy, but notes that several heirs her cope much easier than with an only child. After the birth of four children, she wondered where she comes into force, to do everything. Moreover, Maria is glad that colleagues are sympathetic to her desire to become a mother.

      “I have time. Children make us wiser. I don’t know, where does this understanding, but now for me the important thing is that they’re all here, they’re near, they’re mine! When I get tired, my family see it, they understand that it’s hard for me and, of course, try to help. Sometimes I just say, “Give me 10 minutes”. And go to the room where you can be alone. It is necessary to extinguish emotions, just breathe. By the way, a wonderful way to escape. Children cannot be offended, they are your continuation, so you. How can you blame them? Children do not save neither the Soviets nor the discipline or rigor. They survive on our love,” said Sittel in interview to the edition “7 days”.

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