Ким Кардашьян съехала с детьми в другой дом
Kanye West’s wife left the family nest.

Ким Кардашьян съехала с детьми в другой дом

Kim Kardashian

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The other day Kim Kardashian and
her husband Kanye West has finally completed the repair in your own luxury
mansion. The house was purchased by star of the reality show in 2013 over 11 million
dollars, but to live in it as the couple did not have time. The fact that after
the birth of their first child North, Kim realized suddenly that the house is not suitable for
life with young children and began the reconstruction of the property. And at the time
repair it with Kanye settled in the house of her mother — Kris Jenner. But the restructuring
housing lasted so long that Kardashian even had time to have another child
— Sant. And now, after 3 years, she
finally able to go to a new home. However, as it turned out, the joy of this
events Kim has not experienced…

Even after such a long work
with designers and construction company, the wife of Kanye West still remained
unhappy with the result. It plans to quickly sell the house more expensive and
to choose a more suitable option. By the way, mother Kim was not in
love life together with my daughter and her husband. “They said they will call
only at the time of repair. Who knew he would last this long?” — complains
Chris. She also complained that after the birth of the Saint, being under the same roof with
Kim became unbearable. On the mood and behavior of her daughter affected
severe postpartum depression.

By the way, recently became
you know, like Kim even sitting at home and being on maternity leave for child care,
earns a lot of money. It turned out one of the advertising in your post
Instagram, the number of subscribers which is 65 million people,
Kim asks advertisers 400 thousand dollars! By the way, under the strict
the direction of her mother such services provide and the sisters Kardashian. They
regularly advertised unobtrusive teas for weight loss corsets for the formation of
“wasp” waist and care for the skin.

Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West

Photo: Splash News/East news

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