Мария Шурочкина объяснила, чем ее восхищает сестра The athlete told about the talents Nyusha. Girls are very friendly with each other and try to spend as much time as possible together. Each of the sisters is proud of the successes of the other.

      The past summer was very successful for Maria Shurochkina. The athlete won the gold medal at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. During a performance of synchronized swimmers was supporting her sister, singer Nyusha. As recognized performer, she is very worried, will allow Russian athletes to competitions in the pool. However, all went well. Maria Shurochkina returned to Russia the winner. Nyusha’s sister met with Vladimir Putin

      According to female athletes, she tries to take an example from her older sister. Mary says that never ceases to surprise Nyusha. She is proud of the achievements relative in the world of show business.

      “I admire my sister – as she applauded, as they like…we Have so in the family it turned out that I’m my mother’s daughter (it was she who instilled in my brother and the love of the sport), and Nyusha-do. They have a common interest – music. Sometimes I find it a little sad that I can’t spend as much time as a sister,” admitted Mary.

      In turn, Nyusha amazed how her sister manages to perform such complex shapes in the water. “Masha said that if I did, I’d be standing athlete. Despite the fact that Masha and Vanya chose the sport, they do have an aptitude for music from dads they inherited and hearing, and the voice,” shared Jane.

      However, each of the sisters is making headway in the business. The singer is working on a solo show “Nine lives” which she will present in early November. At the moment the whole family stars went to Sochi, where at the moment there is a competition “New wave”. One day Jane will perform on the stage of the Marine station of the resort. The parent stars and sister will enjoy her show from the auditorium.

      “Outwardly it may seem that we are different – like black and white chocolate. But it is not so”, – told reporters Nyusha “Hello!”. Judging by the pictures, which the girls share in social networks, they are very similar to each other. Recently, Maria also tried to make a bright coloring tips of hair, like sisters. Fans were in awe of the changes in the way synchronized swimmers.