Fans of Konstantin Kintchev has collected him millions

Поклонники Константина Кинчева собрали для него миллионы The actor thanked all the people who donated funds for the establishment of a new album. Konstantin Kinchev called on his fans to find four million rubles for recording music. Fans have been generous and donated a sum several times more than necessary.

      Поклонники Константина Кинчева собрали для него миллионы

      The famous “Alice” exists on the Russian stage for over 33 years. Over time, the band has released several dozen albums. For anybody not a secret that the creation of a full collection not only takes much time but also requires huge funds. In order to raise the necessary funds, which you can use to release a new album, group leader Konstantin Kinchev decided to ask for help from fans.

      “Dear lisaman! – Kinchev appealed to his fans on the crowdfunding platform website. For years, I sold albums to publishers, and now want to sell it to you. To sell means to offset the cost and, sorry, to earn a living. Price 4000000 rubles. It is a budget topic, and who knows, maybe the “Kurtosis” is the latest album in the history of my life.”
      Поклонники Константина Кинчева собрали для него миллионы

      Fans of the band “Alisa was very generous and just a few days has collected the necessary sum of money. Nevertheless, there they are not stopped and continued to contribute. Apparently, everyone wanted to feel a part of a new album of your favorite band. Constantine even proved that knowingly collects money and have uploaded some songs from the collection.

      “Really masterpieces, the single is already listening, or rather, three songs, and with much anticipation, and look forward to the drive. Health, good mood coast and “Alice”! Thank you!” “Dear Konstantin Evgenievich good health, excellent mood! “Alice’s army” is the best! I, like many fans of your creativity see with the naked eye how strong the attention, love, respect, show alsomany to his creation of “Alice”. Just know that no one has such fans as “Alice” live. Thanks to your creativity we become related. We are together!” – supported fans of your favorite artists.

      Having collected the required amount, Konstantin hastened to thank all those who remained indifferent to the financial crisis group.

      “We are in the homestretch and, apparently, put a new top in Russian crowdfunding! Since printing and shipping the CD isn’t fast, and we get a lot of emails asking to speed up the process, 18 and 23 September for all of our shareholders will be an exclusive listening of the album on the website of “Planet”, – shared his plans Kinchev. – Next, in the next few days, but no later than October 7, the album will be available for free listening on all possible digital platforms, including the “VC.” Well, there’s hope CD and a “Kurtosis” is ready for results!”