Мария Шумакова отказалась от интимной жизни
The actress said, why not want a relationship with men.

Maria Shumakova

Photo: @Instagram shumakova_masha Maria Shumakova

Maria Shumakova said that conducting an experiment: temporarily abandoned private life. Along with this she is “done” with alcohol and swear words. The idea of refusing, she said in the book on psychology.

“Now I have a strange adventure. It’s been two months since I gave up sex, alcohol, and swear words (if possible). Increase vibration, so to speak,” — commented his decision to Maria.

According to Shumakova, intimate relationship without serious feelings are of no benefit. Often, after a stormy night Mary felt the bitterness and disappointment. All because she never experienced true love. “When a man is not configured deep emotional connection sex can end alienation,” says Maria. Recently the actress started on this subject a dispute with friends. Her friends are sure that only three dates with a man in order to move on to the next stage in the relationship. Mary thinks that it takes much more time.

By the way, marriage Shumakova also wants to take it slow. The star of “the Sweet life” wants to keep up with the times and to first build a career and achieve success and only then to engage in “rental socks” for your favorite.