Мария Шукшина впервые за долгое время показала младших сыновей
The actress has engaged in Patriotic education of the twins.

Мария Шукшина впервые за долгое время показала младших сыновей

Maria Shukshina


While a large portion of the world of show business resting in the resorts, including abroad, Maria Shukshina imparts to his two sons more Patriotic views. At the time of the Christmas holidays, the actress has sent odinnadcataya Thomas, and focus in the camp where the boys were able to undergo military training.

sons of Maria Shukshina, Foma and Foka

Photo: @Instagram shukshina_maria Maria Shukshina

“Back with the love of country, an even stronger faith in God, brave and courageous!” — said Maria. Upon return of sons home Shukshin published in his microblog photo collage taken during the holidays the boys in the camp.

Incidentally, Mary rarely shows their younger heirs. It does not like to expose his personal life. On the page in social networks Shukshin mostly publish photos and video related to her work in the body and film projects. So, on the eve of the New year it finished shooting in the TV series “Silver forest”. Partners Mary at the site were mark Bogatyrev, Vladimir Eremin, Anastasia mikulchina and others. By the way, work on the series has lasted seven months, during which she managed almost to intermarry with colleagues.