Заболевшая раком Шеннен Доэрти завершила курс лечения
The actress expressed her gratitude to the mysterious Maggie.

Shannen Doherty


Although the last two years
the star of the TV series Charmed Shannen Doherty has continually to wage a real battle for her life, she does not intend
to give up. Since then, doctors have found
she had cancer, actress is one course of treatment for
others. And here Shannen has shared with his fans the good news: it
completed another round of radiation therapy and the doctors expressed the hope that
next she did not need!

“I thank all the doctors,
Oncology. And, of course, I Express my special gratitude to you, Maggie! We
met you every morning, five days a week. I know you’re nice
worked on a small malicious destruction of cells. Now I say
you: “Thank you!”. But I really hope that we’re never
I’ll see you!” — wrote in his microblog Shannen. And for those who could not
guess who is this mysterious Maggie, placed his photo on the background of the huge
apparatus for radiation therapy and signed: “This is me and Maggie.” As the doctors
I think that Shannon this time there had been considerable
progress, it’s possible that “Maggie” she’s really not anymore.

When Doherty put in 2015 the diagnosis “breast cancer”,
she was shocked. But soon, the actress has decided to fight, and certainly
will survive. Since then, she had to undergo an operation and take more than one course
chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The determination of the actress to overcome the deadly disease is not weakened even after her illness
spread to lymph glands. It is very hard to tolerate treatment
but, despite his poor health,
she tried not to “limp”. In breaks between courses of treatment Shannen even
managed to take dance lessons! And now, it seems, her courage and resilience
was finally rewarded. So let’s wish her good health and
the final recovery.