Мария Шарапова в Facebook поблагодарила поклонников за поддержку

Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova on his page on Facebook thanked the fans for their support in English.

Yesterday morning I woke up and saw that on my mail a lot of letters with words of support.

The first email I opened was from my best friend. She is one of those people who can laugh or cause tears with just one word. She calls me in the evenings and are interested in my business and what I was doing.

I love the morning. New day, new beginnings. But today was unusual. All I can think about what I want to get back into tennis, and I hope I’ll have the chance to re-enter the court. Of course, I’d rather not get into a similar situation, but I got and I’ll get through it. I went to the gym because I needed to sweat. At this point I realized that I was chasing a lot of cars with tinted Windows. Old the paparazzi again in the post.

Мария Шарапова в Facebook поблагодарила поклонников за поддержку
Maria Sharapova

I don’t spend so much time on the Internet. Is that not so long ago I was looking for an antique coffee table. My friends made a collage with your wonderful messages and hashtags (“Anamaria”, “Datamarket”). The day I read all these letters, and I was next to my dog and wondered why it is more important than the walk.

In such moments I’m proud to call you their fans. Immediately after my recognition of you supported me and showed their devotion. I want you to know that your beautiful words have allowed me to smile. I want to play and hope that I will have this chance. Your messages really keep me going. I want to thank all of you. Thank you very much,

– written by Maria Sharapova.

Under the entry already 139 thousand ‘likes’. Words of support for the players continue to appear in the comments.

Check that Sharapova March 7 at a special press conference admitted that in her doping sample was found a prohibited drug Meldonium.

Мария Шарапова в Facebook поблагодарила поклонников за поддержку
Maria Sharapova

The Creator of Meldonium Ivars kalvinš noted that after the ban of the drug will increase the deaths of athletes:

Drug prohibition is a crime. We still make sure that the number of deaths among athletes will grow. Who will be responsible for them? Not WADA – they will shrug. It means that athletes are guilty, that crossed the line. Their decision deprives athletes of the opportunity to defend himself and to save his life. He is the 32nd year on the market, and suddenly became forbidden. Beautiful. You punish the athletes for what they want to live.

It also became known that the international tennis Federation (ITF) in advance did not include Meldonium in its list of prohibited substances.

WADA annually conducts extensive consultations with participants of the world anti-doping code. We can confirm that the ITF did not mention Meldonium in its list of prohibited substances before inclusion in the WADA list in 2016

the statement of the world anti-doping Agency.

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