Мария Луговая поведала о тяжелом детстве
Today actress Maria Lugovaya viewers know the part in the TV series “Murka” and “Our happy tomorrow.”

Мария Луговая поведала о тяжелом детстве

Maria said that a few years ago was able to move from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

She remembers that not everything in her life went smoothly. The child star was in poverty, because the parents were students.

“Daddy went to work in the boiler room, got a job as a janitor to get at least some housing. And parents were happy when they were given a Studio apartment on the ground floor of a shabby five-story building on Krestovsky island. It is now the most prestigious venue in St. Petersburg, and then – neglected backwater. In our house there was no hot water and we are constantly warmed on the stove large pots. Still remember the huge hole in the ceiling plaster fell to the shingles,” shared the star.

But 26 years Maria was able to save enough money to buy their own homes.

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