Мария Кожевникова поправилась за третью беременность на 20 килограммов
The actress explained why not in a hurry to take drastic measures for weight loss.

Maria Kozhevnikova

Photo: @mkozhevnikova (Instagram Maria Kozhevnikova)

Maria Kozhevnikova, who became a large mother a little over a week ago, raised in conversation with fans, painful for many, the topic of weight loss. The actress confessed: as in the previous two pregnancies, she’s pretty much recovered. At the moment it is, according to Maria, about 20 extra pounds. However, at that time, as many on the place Kozhevnikova came to be in a panic, the star retains the absolute calm. She is confident that in the foreseeable future will return to the previous form.

Maria revealed his diet plan for the near future: less food, more exercise and water. The process of transformation should be, according to the actress, slow, otherwise there is a risk to become the owner of the sagging skin. As told by Maria during a live broadcast in social networks, an important component of successful weight loss is massage. It Kozhevnikova also recommends to include in the list of mandatory procedures to restore the figure.

By the way, Mary has rich experience in the struggle for harmony. Two previous pregnancy in addition to two beautiful sons — Ivan and Maxim brought the artist more and 40 extra pounds. “I ate not too much, and drink water in the normal range. And the weight began to grow exponentially from 7 months… even Checked for diabetes, but, thank God, was not confirmed, the doctors came to the conclusion that hormonal changes in the body!” — said Maria.