Джордж Клуни боится за безопасность своих детей
He is planning to sue for invading his estates intruder.

George Clooney


according to friends of George Clooney, a usually calm and friendly actor in
rage. After all, the territory of his estate,
located on the shores of lake Como in Italy, illegally entered a stranger
people. Besides, the intruder had been so close to his children born at the beginning of June that
he was able to do their photos. Moreover, he sold pictures French edition
Voici, which published them on its cover. Now
Clooney is determined to send the offender behind bars – for the edification of those who
wants to repeat his “feat”.

man the whole week was precipitated by our estate. In the end, he was able to move
over the fence and get close to the house. Perched on a tree, he took photos of our
Amal children when we went out with them to the backyard. Such actions shall not
go unpunished!” said George, in his statement to the court.

by the way, in France, where the magazine came out to photograph twins Clooney — Ella and Alexandra on the cover, publication
illegally made pictures of the private lives of celebrities is considered a serious
crime. And in Italy, where the pictures were taken, the law strictly prohibits without
the permission of the owners to remove on-site private residences. So the owner of Voici, and the photographer does not expect anything good.

for Clooney, he said that he was going to soon take care
to strengthen the protection of their residences – both in Italy and in the UK, where he
with Amal spent the last year and a half.