Maria Kozhevnikova criticized envious

Мария Кожевникова раскритиковала завистников
Some time ago a popular actress happened an important event on her microblog in Instagram signed by more than two million people.

Мария Кожевникова раскритиковала завистников

In honor of this, Maria decided to appeal to its subscribers and thank them, but she also condemned those who are constantly trying to belittle it, discussing appearance.

“I never pumped any part of his body and did not make a single injection in the face! Often allow myself to post photos without Macapa, and notice how my favorite critics, become a terrible and aged. Yes, I am! And it is important that to adapt not under one and not under what I won’t! I like everything what I have now, and all “well-wishers” say: “FIE on you!”, — Kozhevnikova is reported in the microblog.

Note that Maria has two wonderful sons, Maxim and Ivan.

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