Мария Кожевникова вывела в свет младшего сына The kid first appeared in on the mass event. Maria Kozhevnikova went with his sons in an interactive gaming center that is radically different from the rest.

      Мария Кожевникова вывела в свет младшего сына

      Youngest son of Maria Kozhevnikova at the end of January was a year old. Then Maxim took my first steps. Now kid vengeance stomps feet and familiar with the environment. Looking at his son, the actress has concluded that it’s time for the first time bring to light. The star of the film “the Battalion” wanted it to be a special event. The occasion was not long to wait – kozhevnikovu with children was invited to open an online gaming center “Elysium” in Moscow.

      So interesting for kids event Maria picked up sons are very cute outfits. Junior Maxim she was dressed in jeans, a plaid shirt and sneakers famous brand. The senior picked up a similar image, only under the shirt wearing a white t-shirt in case the moving Ivan will become hot. It is noteworthy that the boy, who is now a little over two years, was very impressed with the new game center.

      “For me, as a mother of two children, most importantly, that children like it, and it’s very interesting, even younger, – said Kozhevnikov. – There are a lot of unusual interactive pieces, which all children like to push. Our childhood passed without interactivity – yard facilities were only swings, and now a huge variety of entertainment. And opening new educational site, especially with such unusual content, I can only welcome and as a mom, as a Deputy of the State Duma. I am ready to provide all possible support to such innovations.”

      Мария Кожевникова вывела в свет младшего сына

      By the way, along with Mary and her kids the discovery children’s centre was visited by many Russian stars with the kids. Among the guests were celebrities such as Maria Butyrskaya, Elena Borschev, Vladimir Levkin, Irina Ortman, Alexander Berdnikov, Natalia Lesnikovskaya, Anastasia Grebenkina, Yana Batyrshina, Yulia Nazarenko and others.

      “Our idea was the creation of the interior disclosed a “living” book with original black and white illustrations and text. The entire interior, including the furniture, as if made of paper. Children in their bright clothes and their own imagination and creativity will create live color spots in space. Using various multimedia technologies that are integrated into the walls, young visitors will “paint” the interior”, – told about the concept of “Elysium” architect of the centre Andrey Vovk.

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