Anna Khilkevich was afraid of losing daughter

Анна Хилькевич боялась потерять дочь After a bad experience in the hospital, the actress was worried about the baby. However, Anna Khilkevich still overcame the phobia of sudden infant death, which are often affected young mothers.

      Анна Хилькевич боялась потерять дочь

      Daughter Anna Khilkevich little more than two months. But the baby has already done is not a joke to scare his mother. The star of “Univer” – very thin nature, also first experienced the joy of motherhood, therefore, any misunderstanding at first, she caused a lot of experiences. However, a case occurred in the hospital with a charming Arianna, could cause terror in every mother in the place of the actress. It is not surprising that after Anna has a phobia.

      “Many people are afraid of sudden infant death syndrome for a long time and listen to the breathing of sleeping kids, explains Khilkevich. – I was very worried about the situation that happened with Arianna in the hospital before my eyes: a daughter spit up, choked and she started to turn blue. Ran with her arms in the hallway, hysterically yelling: “Help, she’s choking!” Nothing terrible happened – my daughter was prostojali in time. And then I’m home baby is constantly put to the side. And when she first slept quietly all night, never have waking, in the morning I rushed to her crib with a sinking heart”.

      It is noteworthy that this is not the only fear that Anna had to endure lately. When the baby Arianna was still in the womb, Khil’kevich was actively engaged in self-development in the field of education. The actress has learned that the unborn child can be included in the headphones to music and to attach them to the stomach. Little man needs to hear positive vibration and to respond to knock the legs or handles, for example. In the late stages of pregnancy, a woman can easily feel the movements.

      “Arianna was very quiet. And at some point I even had a phobia that the child would be born deaf! When they laid her in the crib, some times attracted her attention by clapping. Then I calmed down and began to enable my daughter to sing the classics and anything from Russian folklore,” says Anna in an interview to the magazine “Collection Caravan of stories”.

      It is worth noting that now Khilkevich already mastered as a mom. It is much calmer to any emerging challenges. Moreover, the actress even has a video blog on issues related to maternity. In it, the star of “Univer” is discussing with the experts acute for young mothers themes.

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