Maria Kozhevnikov showed his younger “penguin”

Мария Кожевникова показала своего младшего «пингвиненка»
The actress prefers fellowship with the son of secular events.

Photo: Instagram

Maria Kozhevnikova gave birth to her third son in July of last year, but still has his personally was able to see only the closest people of the actress and her husband. Star knowingly protects their children from too much attention from the public. And, though the eldest son of actress — Ivan and Maxim are almost “captured” your photos personal blog of the mother, but also their Maria never showed anyone before.

This time Kozhevnikova went even further: she still has not told anyone the name of her third son. Fans see this as some moments of superstition. It is believed that a small child is very easy to overlook. And if you know the name, it is possible to harm deliberately. Little did the enemies and the envious may be the athlete, actress and just beauty Maria Kozhevnikova?

Anyway, for the first time the kid showed up on Instagram only mom in the new year. Maria showed fans the boy back, and he was dressed in jacket and hat with pompom. Now it is already possible to consider that the baby grows quite large and is a “not for years”. He is only 10 months and he can stand, sit, crawl, stand up, play balls and so on.

Fans have thrilled with emotion, and expressed the hope that in the near future, Maria will take all the face of the youngest son.

This — secret — position Kozhevnikova respect. It is not promoted on his children, shows them when I want and not when you need to work or draw attention to yourself, beloved.

Many stars do not show the faces of the kids quite to adulthood. For example, the singer Alsu for the first time brought out daughters when they were Schoolgirls. She always said that it will show them only when they want it themselves. Kristina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov also still not presented his 4-year-old daughter Nastya. Cheryl Cole claims that have never and will never show anyone my daughter. The girl is now 2.5 years, and no one really knows her name. They say that the singer called her a rare name Lydia, but the star has not confirmed this information (and not denied). “The headliner” in this matter is considered to Sergey Lazarev. Almost three years even some friends did not know that the singer has a son! Lazarus had to tell about it after the baby photographed on paparazzi pics. And only a year later, when Nikita was almost 4 years ago, Sergey showed the boy to fans.