Мерайя Кери планирует удалиться из соцсетей

American singer, Keri Maria still angry due to the fact that she had to endure the shame Christmas performance in times Square. The actress, as before, insists that it has brought its own technical group.

“I want everyone who came in on new year’s eve in times Square and was looking forward to a festive time, knew that my shame a responsible industrial group, engaged in the technical issues. Probably, they decided to capitalize on this situation..
As a rule, artists do not sing live at new year’s eve in times Square. Night, cold, frosty, working the smoke machine, people are clamoring, and have fun.. but my ear monitor wasn’t working, I could not hear the music..
I was humiliated. trampled, hurt my feelings..” — tried to justify its inaction stage, Maria. The singer said that this situation led her out of balance, and now she decided to leave the social network for an indefinite period and “take a moment for yourself”.
We will remind that in new year’s eve, Maria distinguished scandal – speaking to thousands of people at the Christmas tree, Carey not only did not fall in the track, but just silently smiled on the stage, yet sounded its song. Hearing that everyone is laughing at her speech, Carey went backstage and vowed never again to speak at the Christmas party.