Бывший бойфренд Джорджа Майкла получил приглашение на его похороны

Already two weeks have passed since the death of legendary musician George Michael – the final udale ill-fated 2016, but a celebrity body is still not buried – the farewell ceremony the organizers consider to the smallest detail, so in that light, George could be proud of, that fit him farewell.

Бывший бойфренд Джорджа Майкла получил приглашение на его похороны
As it became known, ex-boyfriend Michael Kenny Goss, with whom the singer met during the fifteen years from 1996 to 2009, received an invitation to the funeral ceremony. It is reported that the former beloved is the key. Relatives of George confirm that Kenny played a large role in the life of a celebrity, and it was he, not the last partner Michael Fadi, is the main figure in the ceremony.

In the day when it became known about the death of Girga, 58-year-old Kenny said:
“My heart is broken from the news that my dear friend and my beloved George Michael has left this world. He was a major part of my life and I loved him very, very much. He was incredibly kind and generous man.”
Media reported that the father of George panayiotou kyriacos invited Kenny at his son’s funeral as a symbol of “public recognition of sexual orientation,” Michael.
“The Greek Orthodox society does not recognize homosexuality, and his father George was not easy to adopt the attitude son. George for many of us, was a fearless hero, and as far as I know, some Greek radio stations want to broadcast his funeral on their waves,” — said the insider, and added that as a rule, according to Greek tradition, between death and funeral is held for about a week, but due to Toxicological examination, which still remains to be done, the funeral singer can go in early February. It is possible that buried George Michael in Cyprus.