Мария Берсенева открыла семейный бизнес Star of TV series “Margot” helps the mother to develop talent. Maria Berseneva supported the woman in the undertaking to engage in the creation of toys and has contributed to about her favorite lesson learned social media users. Currently, a small family business actress goes uphill.

      Мария Берсенева открыла семейный бизнес

      Many celebrities strive to make the lives of their parents so that they are nothing to worry and nothing needed. Stars also often provide the families with the most comfortable conditions for doing business and developing their own abilities. Was no exception and star of the TV series “Margosha” Maria Berseneva. The actress helped my mother open a small business that will allow her to do what she loves and earn money.

      Mary decided to develop her talent and is now selling her crafts on the Internet. “I have great needlewoman, − shares with “StarHit” Maria. – Sew toys still from my childhood. Especially managed the cubs, it was even built furniture for them. Everyone was jealous – in a country that was no good. Then I began to make dolls from porcelain. We even offered to give the work to the stores, but I decided it would be more interesting himself to promote a business. While the mother will create a shop account on instagram. The price for one product decided to put a minimum 1 thousand rubles. Mammy during the week fills the order and sends for a weekend toy in the mail”.

      Mother of actress grateful for support and now enthusiastically taken to new orders, repeatedly showing off their creativity. Maria Berseneva glad to see a loved one happy and busy likes.

      A special line of business not so long ago mastered and mother Natalia Vodianova. Larissa Kusakina decided out of love for cooking to start selling pies sobstvennogo cooking. Mom world famous model is preparing pastries and then sells it to the shops and various establishments of his district in Nizhny Novgorod, where the family Vodianova. Larissa Kusakina has repeatedly stated that doing this rather for fun and the famous woman’s daughter, in turn, supported her in this venture.

      “She was very worried that I’m going to scold her because if this gets out, the reporters, can not understand. I reassured the mother that fully support it and even proud of her for not sitting idly by,” said Natalia.

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