Марго Робби ударила партнёра во время съёмок постельной сцены

He is Tarzan, and she’s a strong woman. Margot Robbie, who plays the beloved character Edgar rice Burroughs, it took a specific mood to convincingly convey the necessary emotions during filming the sex scenes with partner Alexander Skarsgard< /strong>. This was told in an interview with the Director of the film “the Legend of Tarzan” (in the Russian hire “Tarzan. Legend”) Directed By David Yates.

“We were filming a bed scene and I said to Robbie: “Just give me a slap Alex, when you make love, it should just push”. It was a sort of landing, made it that much more sensual, gave liveliness. Probably this was the only bruise that Alex got during filming,” — said the Director.

The new version of “Tarzan” is different from previously recorded versions. In this film, Jane, played by Margot Robbie, is not a “weak girl that needs rescuing from the wild jungle”.

“The heroine Margo is not poor, in need of assistance. We didn’t want to look old-fashioned and show off how strong the guy saves the helpless girl. The viewer should feel that this is a strong and independent woman”. he said.

History Yatsa differs from the original version from 1912. In the movie “the Legend of Tarzan” which will be released July 1, Tarzan, aka John Clayton III, Lord British returns to his former home in the jungle to deal with the irregularities taking place in the camp mining company.

“It’s almost the opposite of the classic story in which we are talking about the taming of the beast in man. This time on the contrary man, layer by layer disclaims layers of human and gradually returned to the animal state, allowing this part of his personality will appear” — said the Director.

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