Uma Thurman teaches daughter to swim

Ума Турман учит дочь плавать

Year-old daughter uma Thurman learning to swim, and her stellar mom always tries to help and support. 45-year-old star of the movie “Kill bill” was shared on his page in Instagram photo, on which it is impossible not to look without emotion.

The photo shows the little Moon and her mom in bathing suits and swimming caps at the pool.

“Let’s swim”, — signed photo of the Mind.

Note that little Moon, whose real name sounds like Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Alitalo Florence Thurman-Busson, the only child of Minds from her ex-fiance Arpad Bussana.

The actress also brings a 17-year-old Maya and 14-year-old Levon from his marriage to Ethan hawke, whom she doted: “I’m madly in love with his children and very proud of them. I think they always behave with great dignity and respect towards other people. That’s all parents can dream”.

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