Марго Робби опровергла слухи о беременности и рассказала о супружеской жизни

Nominee for “Oscar-2018” as “Best actress” for her role in the film “Tony against all” Margot Robbie gave an interview with Who, which commented on the pregnancy rumors and revealed interesting details of marriage to British Director Tom Ackerly.

Марго Робби опровергла слухи о беременности и рассказала о супружеской жизни

“I have no child. I’m not pregnant, no. Every six months have to refute this rumor,” — denied rumors Margot.

The couple has no plans of children, but prefers to devote time to work and infrequent travel. According to Margot, their relationship prevails idyll and even quarrels between them are rare:

“We are not fighting. I know it sounds weird, but we don’t like conflict. We don’t need to shout at each other to explain something, we love each other. And get along fine.»

Recall that in December last year, the actress Margot Robbie was married to Director Tom Ackerly, but about the wedding and the details of the relationship after marriage, the actress decided to remain silent. At the premiere of the new film starring Margot “goodbye, Christopher Robin” in new York, the journalist of the edition of Us Weekly asked about family life after the wedding, to which Robbie replied Milo.

“My husband and I were roommates even before we started Dating. So I now share a household with the same neighbor and it’s awesome. We used to live together with many other people, and now we live together and feel very adult — told Margo about the realities of family life after marriage.

Margo and Tom met on the set of the film “French Suite”, where the actress played the lead role, and Akerly was assistant Director. In December 2016, they played the wedding, which was celebrated in Australia in the famous resort gold coast, near the town of Dalby, where I grew up, Robbie. At the celebration, the couple decided to invite only the closest: mom Margo Sari, her brothers Lachlan and Cameron, sister Anna and brother Tom, James.

They dated for two years before tying the knot. About their relationship they especially do not apply to eyes paparazzii tenderness not shown. Recently the couple were caught in the airport in Los Angeles and you can see those were not particularly tuned to conversations with journalists.

Robbie said that not wearing a wedding ring because of work. “Obviously, I can’t wear the ring all the time — I am constantly working, don’t want to lose it somewhere on the set. When it falls off, I’d love to wear it,” said Margo in a recent interview.

As Robbie spoke about how her life has changed after marriage. “Before the wedding we were best friends and roommates. After the wedding, we remained best friends and continued to share a room. Nothing has changed.”the actress confessed.