Дарен Аранофси прокомментировал слухи о романе со Сьюки Уотерхаус

Recently 48-year-old Director Darren Aronofsky has provoked rumors about the affair with 26-year-old model and actress Sookie Waterhouse, but immediately denied them through an official representative.

Дарен Аранофси прокомментировал слухи о романе со Сьюки Уотерхаус

“These rumors are crazy. Between them there is no hint of romance,” Gossip Cop quotes the words of the representative of the Aronofsky. The representative of the actress, in turn, also denied the rumors: “They are not a couple and not Dating.»

“This film is like his child. He was ready to talk about it constantly. I returned from yet another tour in support of the picture, saying the film would last,” said the actress.

That relationship stalled, it became clear when Aronofsky began to read his lover negative criticism of the film. Thus, he wanted to hear the support of the film, which Lawrence was not going to do. “None of us read the criticism. If I began to read these reviews, the only thing I would do is to defend themselves. Especially considering that the Director — my favorite person. Together we have made a great movie. And even if someone hates him, I think that this film does not require protection and we should not make excuses,” says the actress.

In an interview the actress revealed why sometimes rude to his fans in public. “As soon as I come to a public place, I become very rude. For me it is a kind of defensive reaction. If someone of the fans coming to my table in the restaurant and asks to take a selfie, I show the middle finger and categorically say no,” admits Lawrence.

Recall that the affair of the Director and the actress began after the filming of “Mom!”. “We have so much energy,” said Jennifer in an interview for Vogue. “I have a lot of energy for him, but I don’t know how he feels about me.”

“I don’t usually like people who went to Harvard, because they can’t a single minute to live without mention of it.”he told Lawrence. “He’s not like that.»

At Lawrence already had a relationship before, with actor Nicholas Holt who was her partner in the movie “X-Men”. The actors began Dating in 2011 and two years later broke up, but eventually resumed relations in 2014 after filming another part of the “x-Men” and eventually broke up again. The actress told Vogue reporters that during a previous relationship, she was Osadchenko and confused. In a relationship with Darren no such feeling.