Марат Башаров и его избранница готовятся стать родителями Beloved actor bear him a son. The firstborn of Marat Basharova and his passion by Elizabeth Savercool will be born in the coming months.

      Марат Башаров и его избранница готовятся стать родителями

      Renowned actor Marat Basharov very soon the second time will be a father. Chosen one 41-year-old star, Bank employee Elizabeth Shevarkov is already on a pretty good pregnancy, and in the coming months will give Marat Basharova baby. The happy parents already know the sex of their future baby. It’s a boy.

      For Marat Basharova this child will be the second. The famous actor has a daughter from his first marriage with Elizabeth Crocco Amelie, which for eleven years. Despite the fact that with the first wife of Marat Basharov parted for a long time, they continue to maintain cordial and even friendly relationship, go to rest, the actor spends a lot of time with my daughter. The former spouse of the actor was presented his new fiancee Elizabeth Shevarkov. Two young women managed to quickly find a common language with each other and even exchanged gifts.

      Recall that with the current sweetheart Marat met in the social network. The girl herself wrote on Facebook, saying that the dream of a date with him. In response to the message the artist called the girl on the show, where they were able to communicate. But soon the correspondence in the social network have stopped, but Lisa continued to follow the life of an idol. After scandalous divorce with Basharova Catherine Ancharovoj she decided to write him again, because I realized that he is now free. This time Marat responded immediately and invited Lisa abroad. The lovers then visited Prague, where I visited the bridge of lovers, and then went on other routes. Both quickly realized that they did not want to leave, but because the novel continued.

      During the Christmas holidays, including many friends Basharova, his ex-wife and daughter, vacationing, skiing in the Swiss Alps. And shortly before Elizabeth Shevarkov moved to his beloved man.

      “Lisa moved into my apartment, told at the end of January “StarHit” Marat Basharov. – The ring is not yet presented, but are already planning”. It is obvious that already at that time the beloved actor was expecting a child, but Marat did not want to reveal their favorite mystery. And only this Sunday, March 27, decided to tell about her fans. “I will son, God will provide. Fingers crossed,” confirmed the news that he will soon be a father to journalists of the edition of Hello! Marat Basharov. It is not excluded that soon Marat Basharova again will change the family status, because day by day his relationship with sweetheart become stronger.

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