Marat Basharov will become a father for the second time

Марат Башаров станет отцом во второй раз
Beloved actor is on the last months of pregnancy.

Marat Basharov


Today it became known that in the life of Marat Basharova will happen soon joyful event: he will become a father for the second time. Beloved actor Elizabeth Shevarkov will give him a son. The baby will be born within a few months.

Such news was shared by Marat himself: “now We with my beloved are expecting a baby. I will have my son, God will provide. Fingers crossed!”.

Recall that recently, the media actively discussed the scandalous breach of Marat Basharova and his wife Elizabeth Ancharovoj.

For divorce, the spouses filed December 27, 2014. This decision was a result of the scandal that occurred in the family of actors last fall. Catherine Arkharov announced that her husband struck her during a quarrel strong. The actress told the details of the terrible scenes in the program “Let them talk”.
Just married Basharova and Ancharovoj lasted nine and a half months.

The actors met on 8 March after the performance “you ought to get Married, sir!” with participation of Marata. Catherine loved the setting, and she went backstage to congratulate the actors for the game. Between their meeting and the proposal of marriage took place only a couple of hours, Basharov did Ancharovoj proposal during their first meeting.

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