Мара Багдасарян больше не сможет сесть за руль The Savelovsky court has satisfied a suit of public Prosecutor about the termination of the infamous stritreysery driver’s license. Sama Mara Baghdasaryan ignored her hearing. Journalists also reported that the girl can still file an appeal.

      Мара Багдасарян больше не сможет сесть за руль

      Today in Moscow held a hearing in the matter of Amateur street racing Mara Baghdasaryan. Earlier, the Prosecutor’s office requested the Savelovsky court for life to deprive the girl of a driver’s license. Journalists have reported that this claim was satisfied, but Mara could still appeal against the decision of a public authority.

      Anna Shulgin spoke about the incident with Mara Baghdasaryan

      According to the Prosecutor, he cannot drive a vehicle for medical reasons. According to correspondents, to the case admitted the certificate of the expert Commission, according to which Mara has epilepsy. The very racer was not present at the hearing.

      Note also that the father of the racer, owner, OOO “Nuchar” Elmar Baghdasaryan denies the illness of his daughter. The man said that Mara is healthy and the family has all documents confirming this fact.

      “Most likely, I missed something, nedovospitali. So my daughter brings society and the law… Where I was soft, worked very hard, and I didn’t have time to keep track of her. This is my fault, and I think that is a big fault,” said the father of the infamous girls in the program “live”.
      Мара Багдасарян больше не сможет сесть за руль

      Earlier, the court sentenced the Mara Baghdasaryan to a year of corrective works with deduction of 15% of income in favor of the state. The girl was accused of forging sick leave. It was alleged that Mara had intended to evade its cleaning local area. In turn, the protection of the pilots filed an appeal.

      Recall that Mara Baghdasaryan repeatedly became the participant of street races, then was in police custody. The behavior of the girls on the road provoked intense public debate. One of the most resonant Mara’s offences occurred in may 2016. Then stritreysera and four of her friends, among whom was the son of the Vice-President of “LUKOIL” Ruslan Shamsuarov, tried to evade the police. The young people conducted a live broadcast of Periscope and actively commented on the events using obscene speech.

      Earlier, in October 2015, Mara Baghdasaryan got into a terrible accident on Kutuzov Avenue. Luxury car, in the back seat which was a girl, crashed into a Range Rover that burned down in a matter of minutes after the collision. Very Mar with multiple injuries was taken to the hospital, and she was in a coma for several weeks.