Erotic photos of Renata Litvinova unveiled 20 years later

Эротическое фото Ренаты Литвиновой обнародовали спустя 20 лет Actress and Director appeared in a rather shocking manner. Renata Litvinova is characterized by a sense of style and is not afraid of experiments. The Network got the frame shooting of Andrei Bartenev, in which took part famous .

      Эротическое фото Ренаты Литвиновой обнародовали спустя 20 лет

      Actress and Director Renata Litvinova is not often shocking the audience. However, over a decade ago the Bohemian beauty appeared before the lens of photographer Timur Mushroom. The picture was taken in 1996 when the artist was still not so popular. She decided to help make a rather bold idea of the crew – along with two other models it is located on the floor, covered with foil. Unlike his colleagues, which were fully placed in surreal costumes, which were only visible on their faces, she seemed completely Nude – she posed in the bodily body. One focus became long false nails Litvinova, covered with black lacquer. The head of the Director covered the handkerchief. I thought of the flamboyant designer Andrey Bartenev.

      This picture Litvinova more than 20 years ago appeared in this unexpected manner, surprised fans of a celebrity. Now Renata is equal to many fans who consider her a style icon. However, the artist sometimes allows himself to shock the audience. Not long ago, the woman decided to get naked in front of the camera. However, the photo was inherent with the famous Director chic. Litvinov decided to share a picture with your subscribers by posting a frame in the microblog. Followers were delighted with the sensual pose of a celebrity. They noted that when her chiseled figure, she could demonstrate its advantages.

      Classmate Renata Litvinova Tatyana Savaskov told “StarHit” that the sense of style the star has trained himself even to school and take an example from famous personalities. Teachers Renata Litvinova can’t forgive her long-standing resentment

      “Soviet celebrities Renata highlighted Lyudmila Gurchenko – remembered friend of the Director. – Litvinova liked her style, way of talking. I remember how she held her hands to his waist and saying: “That is, Gurchenko 48 inches, it’s just awesome, that’s what we should strive for”. Of course, she did a great job, creating your image “a strange girl not from this world.” Manner of speech, unusual gestures, of course, part of a carefully orchestrated image that she came up with yourself”.