Malinovskaya discovered her new talent

Малиновская открыла в себе новый талант TV presenter woke up the gift of the designer. Masha Malinovskaya is trying to realize their full potential. Fans are looking forward to the start of sales of its new collections and wondering what outfits will come up with a celebrity.

      Малиновская открыла в себе новый талант

      Fans of TV presenter Masha Malinovskaya know that she takes care of her five year old son of Myron. A young mother tries to do everything to provide a decent life for the child. According to Masha, the boy’s father does not pay child support and is not involved in the Affairs of his successor. Presenter have to find a livelihood. Masha Malinovskaya selling her belongings

      But now, apparently, Masha found a new activity that will bring her additional income. She wants to realize their creative potential in designing clothes. This good news she shared with numerous subscribers in the microblog.

      “Good morning, friends. I still tend to make their clothing collection. Waiting for the start of production! Hurrah!” – unable to restrain a happy news Director.

      Fans were very happy that can wear things designed by your favorite star. They are hoping that prices will allow them to buy outfits from the Hill. Subscribers have begun to ask questions about the upcoming collection.

      “Hurrah! Finally I’ve got it! Mary, I wish you every Typhoon. You’re so clever”, “Great! A men’s collection?”, “You have good taste, hopefully, something to buy and fun to wear. Unless, of course, the prices will be available. Good luck”, “It will be kreativnenko. Not that at all – with each other lapped” – glad fans of a celebrity.

      However, Mary did not give answers to questions, apparently in order to further whet the interest of fans, who began to dream, what extraordinary things will be able to produce Malinovskaya.

      Now the presenter will be able to devote himself to new business and to provide for herself and child. Not so long ago, she did not hide, that contain the son of one is not easy. “I in this life no one helps,” wrote the Director. What do I make of the fact that a secular society would think of me, they have their own stories, and I’m still the same girl who is fighting for her life. Every man for himself. And I for myself and my baby!” However, the next day Masha decided to delete the post from your microblog.

      Apparently, Malinovskaya decided to join the many celebrities, in addition to its main activities, also engaged in the development of apparel fashions. Some famous people such as Olga Buzova, Alexa, Inna Zhirkova and others create outfits for adults. And Katie Topuria and Oksana Samoilova focus on children.

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