Maksim Chmerkovsky became the first father

Максим Чмерковский впервые стал отцом

Maksim Chmerkovsky, the American choreographer and participant of Ukrainian TV show “the Bachelor” for the first time became a father. Maxim beloved Pet Margatroid dancer gave birth to a son. The pair have already decided on Wyborn name baby Shai Alexander.

Максим Чмерковский впервые стал отцом
And for 36-year-old Maxim and his wife of thirty years this child was the firstborn. Its great joy Chmerkovsky personally reported on his page on the social network Twitter. The baby was born January 4, 5:43. Prior to that Maxim published a photo of the pet on which she is shown doing makeup in her room.

“A little makeup does not hurt” — signed photo with Maxim.
Chmerkovsky is a world Champion in Latin dance, and although he has Ukrainian roots, Ukrainian spectators he knows more as a member of the first season of “the Bachelor.” However, like many bachelors, his fate in his homeland, he not found, but met her in America in the face of his partner on dancing Peta Margatroid, whom started Dating in 2012. This year the couple plan to marry. While we congratulate them on the addition!