Специалисты высказались по поводу новой фигуры Кайли Дженнер

Over the last couple of years, the appearance of the youngest of the sisters Kardashian-Jenner has undergone big changes. 19-year-old Kylie increased the lips, changed the shape of the eyebrows, began to wear a different make-up. In General, radically transformed.

As for the figures? She, too, was somewhat different: there was roundness where they had not previously observed. While some believe that Kylie just outgrew period shapeless teenager and became a woman, others insist that without a visit to a plastic surgeon not cost.

Publication “Hollywoodlife” asked for comments to the experts. And opinion is divided. Dr. Katz from the clinic of cosmetology, for example, argues that it is in the type of shape Kylie. It is pear-shaped, and therefore the lower body will always be “heavier”. And although the doctor did not find much difference in photos Kylie 2015 and 2017, he does not deny that the girl could go to a surgeon to narrow the waist with the aim to focus so attention on the priest.

The other expert is sure – the Pope Kylie silicone.

“Of course, the shape of Kylie is the work of a plastic surgeon, it should be noted, the present master. Diet and sport, of course, able to change forms, but then mass recruited all over the body, and not on his private land. Of course, Kylie silicone implants”, says Dr. Beck, representing another of the Los Angeles clinic.

By the way, not only the priest Jenner, Jr. is interested in her fans, but also the chest. The fact that earlier the girl was a confident winner of the second size before Christmas was transformed in the third, striving for the fourth.

But what do you think made “tuning”?