Makarska wife took the children for treatment in Israel

Супруги Макарские увезли детей на лечение в Израиль The artists have gone to extreme measures. Anton and Victoria Makarska concerned about the state of his daughter Masha and son Vanya. They recently got flu. Now the couple decided that the kids will quickly restore health abroad.
Супруги Макарские увезли детей на лечение в Израиль

At the weekend actress Victoria Makarska alarmed fans with the news of the illness of children. As it turned out, Masha and Vanya suffer from angina. The singer asked to pray for the health of her heirs. Now, however, Victoria with her husband Anton decided to leave Russia. In order to cure the kids, they went to Israel.

On his trip, the woman has informed in the microblog. She posted a picture of a five year old girl experiencing the cosmetics to her liking compact powder, which she generously applied to the cheeks and nose.

“My grandmother Lena your methods as positively to set her granddaughter on the tests and a drip. Thank God, all is well, thank you from my heart for your prayers, our family and loved ones. We all together flew to Israel to treat a sore throat,” – said Makar.

Fans were pleased that parents try to do everything to quickly get rid adored by heirs of the disease. They wished recovery to the kids and asked me what is different treatment in Israeli hospitals from the Russian. Followers are also advised to be careful – because now in the middle East the weather is hot, the rooms are cooled with air conditioning.

“Hurrah! Better!”, “Rimma, get well and not get sick anymore,” “Oh, be careful with the main air conditioned and the heat outside, and inside the cold, that was then, and angina lurks”, “Vika, I wish you a speedy recovery! But take care of yourself! Because angina is terrible its complications. Let’s delicavies!”, “Get well! Vic, tell me the treatment of angina in Israel is very different from how we are treated in Russia?” wrote to concerned fans.

Anton and Victoria are ready to sacrifice anything for the happiness and well-being of Masha and Vanya. Recently, the actress admitted that may even give up sleep just to spend more time with his son and daughter. The daughter of Anton and Victoria Makarska recorded the first song

“Every physician knows what a huge and fundamental effect on health has our mood! Now fly to the baby. And they rodenka given us in this age that it is a pity to waste precious time on sleep at the expense of communication,” said Makarska.