Madonna’s brother told about the unbearable nature of the singer

Брат Мадонны рассказал о невыносимом характере певицы
Many people know that the famous singer Madonna has quite a complex and often shocking the audience with outrageous antics.

Брат Мадонны рассказал о невыносимом характере певицы

Some time ago Madonna more time began to give to his six heirs and siblings.

Although it turned out recently that one of the brothers still can not forgive the horrible nature of the stars.

“Sometimes it’s awful. However, I was not to talk about it to the whole world. I wrote a book “Life with my sister Madonna” in which only praised her talent and performance,” shares Christopher.

In 2008, a man published a book about the singer, which is not surprising, as it had for many years helped her in her musical career.

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