Мадонна будет проверять детей на наркотики

The scandal of Madonna’s eldest son Rocco Ritchie, who now lives with his father Guy Ritchie in London, a very excited singer. Now the actress is going through that and her other children were not exposed to such harmful habits.

Sources claim that Madonna decided to control my other children (adopted) who live with her in the United States, and plans to take a drug test every month, if not week.
We will remind that in September of this year, He was arrested for Smoking marijuana. The police took sixteen teenagers in the office, where he had a conversation about the dangers of Smoking. Madonna was in shock – her ex-husband vowed to look after the eldest son. It was one of the main conditions that the teenager stayed with him in the UK, but it quickly became known that the guy is too busy with his new family and gives too much freedom to your teenage son. Rocco started to skip school and hang around the doorways with your friends and photo evidence that has regularly hit the Newspapers.
Insiders claim that Madonna is seriously going to go back to court and raise the question of the return of Rocco home if the situation does not improve.