Дочь Авроры рассказала о конфликтах с родителями The successor of the famous TV presenter often do not understand what adults want from her. 12-year-old girl admits that mom and dad can even chastise her for her disobedience. Usually cause disputes become the school success of the child.

      12-year-old daughter of TV presenter Aurora and Director Alexei Treiman is a talented child. The girl’s name is Aurora and she is very similar to their parents. As acknowledged heiress of celebrities, from mom passed on her beauty, and from the Pope – a sense of humor.

      Aurora is already personal microblog in the social network, and sometimes takes part in shooting a commercial with my mom. At such an early age the girl is not afraid of the camera, as it believes that well in the pictures. The family wants the teenager to learn, in particular, to study hard in math that the child does not like.

      “We fight sometimes, but it’s not because of ratings. Mom says it is not important, it is important that you do the lessons and didn’t cheat. And homework I do not like. I prefer to walk with their parents through the Park, watching movies and old family home videos,” admitted Aurora.

      Despite some misunderstanding, the girl loves to spend time with their parents. From an early age, Aurora goes to the gym, however, much success in this endeavor is not achieved. “Dad scolds me for it: “As so, so many years engaged, and the splits can not sit down!” What can I do? Stretching my bad!” – says the daughter of the presenter.

      Besides, Aurora is engaged in tennis, and also goes to the fitness club together with my mom. However, in the future she dreams of a profession far from the world of sport: she wants to be a star photographer, coming to see her pose in the famous people. So far, the heir of Kim always tries to watch how she looks in the pictures. “I want to become more beautiful and feel that you’re good at it,” said Aurora, speaking to reporters Peopletalk.ru.

      Subscribers microblog TV presenter Aurora always admire how mother and daughter are alike. In some pictures they look like sisters. The star of the esters admits that in their family there are often disputes about education of the heiress. Adults decide what punishment to apply to the girl. Says Aurora, her husband Alex sometimes promises that will beat the daughter with a belt. However, as a rule, it has not implemented its threats.