Madonna has lost the eldest son

Мадонна потеряла старшего сына
Guy Ritchie triumphs!

Мадонна потеряла старшего сына


Photo: Splash News/East news

Rocco Ritchie

Photo: Splash News/East news

Recently held
in London, the court decided, in which Madonna lost the case against the ex-wife of guy Ritchie, which “fought” for 16-year-old son Rocco. Spouses, at the insistence of the judges , had to stop the war and sign the agreement,
which young man will constantly study and live in
London with his father and his wife Jacqui ainsley. About it reported the Internet-website Page Six.

58-year-old Madonna
makes every effort to unfavorable current for her
the situation of “not losing face”. She’s not allowed himself even to hint at what
not satisfied with the decision. Say, some time ago the singer has hired
psychologist-consultant who helped her re-establish relations with Rocco.

explained to Mary that she should be more lenient and patient with her
teenage son, try not to engage him in a skirmish and not to affect those
which could lead to worsening of the situation. Besides, as reminded her
specialist, Madonna should not allow her conflict with her ex-husband
as-that was reflected on the father-son relationship. It seems that the psychologist’s advice and went to the singer on
favor. Anyway, in the last couple of months, Madonna is not seen in
London with Rocco and both behaved quite friendly and looked happy.
They say the singer was a pause in concert activity, spent over 50 thousand dollars on flights from new York to
London and back on a private jet. Madonna knew that even with
it had taken a “diplomatic” maneuvers are unlikely to win son. And
still it until the last moment had hoped that he would stay with her…

this story began in December of last year, when Rocco ran away from his mother
to London to her father and refused to go back. Madonna
sure this is her former spouse guy Ritchie Rocco set up against the mother.
She tried to prove that the guy can not cope with the role of the father and bad
looking after a son who started Smoking and even supposedly left school. Alas, it failed to change the situation in their favor.