Мадонна снова поссорилась с сыном

Quickly they broke the pots! After six months of quarrels and reconciliations, litigation, and return home, the American singer Madonna after a brief truce, fighting again with his son Rocco< /strong>. The reason was the fascination a teenager to drink that his mother was considered too early experience for my son.

“Seeing a photo of Rocco drinks alcohol in London, Madonna was furious. Almost a week he had not released the bottle from his hands, and she’s afraid that she’ll have to treat the alcoholism of the son,” — said a source close to the actress.
Madonna called her ex-husband guy Ritchie and gave him a severe reprimand for not watching the kid. She gave him to understand that he is not going to give up on his son and trust in his father, who was too busy with my job and other family. The hero of the scandal, He went, but he didn’t even listen to the mother after a brief skirmish just hung up.
It is not excluded that the singer will go back to court to get sole custody of the teenager and take him to America, if the ex-spouse will not be more attentive to my son.
“She had had evidence of connivance guy, and she got them” — said the insider.
Moreover, to consume the alcohol according to British law, you can of sixteen, and many will mark Richie, Jr., 11 Aug. Madonna is afraid that the son does discourage the hands and go downhill.

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