Мадонна завещала детей сестре
Malawian officials were afraid that she was going to die too soon.

Madonna with adopted twins Esther and Stella

Photo: @madonna Instagram Madonna

it became clear, representatives of the Malawi government authorities that allowed
Madonna adopting two four year old twins, Stella and Esther, seriously doubt whether you can trust her
children. The fact that the laws of Malawi, adoptive mothers should be much
younger than 58-year-old singer. This was reported by the newspaper The

When Madonna announced that her age may
be a major obstacle to the adoption, she immediately agreed
to undergo any medical examination to prove excellent condition
your health. As a result, she underwent a full examination. And, as reported
during the court hearings the judge Fiona Mwale, as a result
analyses, Madonna was not detected any serious
diseases. So the doctors concluded that despite her age, the singer is quite
can you trust the education of young children, without fear that she will leave this life,
not having to grow them.

But the last
the argument that finally persuaded the court to decide in favor of Madonna, became
singer provided a statement from her sister, which was read during the hearing.
Sister of the pop diva has pledged to take on the role of foster mother placed for adoption
Madonna girls — in the event of premature death of the singer.

impression on the judges and made a home video recorded by the singer in advance.
This footage was recorded by the statement of the eldest daughter of Madonna Lourdes and two
she previously adopted Malawian children — 11-year-old David Gang and mercy. All
three in unison said, they are delighted that they will have two more
sisters. As for another son of singer Rocco – who is now
time lives with her father in London, he, according to the singer, also supported it
the decision to expand the composition of the family.

now black Babes Stella and Esther will live with Madonna and her children in
New York, mansion for $ 40 million, owned by the singer. Between
by the way, with the girls in America came a nanny who will help
to communicate with the twins singer’s family as they have not yet spoken