VIDEO: Olga Buzova went to extreme measures for success

ВИДЕО: Ольга Бузова пошла на крайние меры ради успеха
Behind the scenes training an aspiring singer was terrified by her fans.

On the eve of Olga Buzova made their debut in the Olympic games. The TV presenter, who decided to become a singer, well prepared for the speech. Again to prevent a semiconscious state and look at the stage with dignity, Olga even before the concert had to seek medical assistance.

Olga Buzova

Photo: @buzova86 (Instagram Olga Buzova)

The process of their training Buzova broadcast on social networks. Published materials led to the horror of her fans, who were greatly concerned about the health of his idol. “How can so many drugs to inject? Don’t put yourself through it… For what?” — wrote Olga.

However, the spectators watching the performance of Olga in the image of Cleopatra, understand why she was seriously prepared. She had set a challenging dance program, and making a mistake in front of a crowd of thousands Buzova just could not afford it.

We will remind that the day before Olga came on the scene of the Ice Palace. By the end of the speech, she wasn’t feeling well and almost fainted. Some of the dancers took her from the scene in a semiconscious state. Her poor health she later explained to a strong emotion, that you just are unable to cope.