Lyubov Tolkalina has the hatchet with her daughter

Любовь Толкалина скандалит с дочерью The actress admitted that invests a lot of effort in the upbringing of his heir Mary. The girl periodically finds that the mother too much with her demands, because of this family undergoes a major argument. Daughter sometimes does not allow Tolkalina even go to my room.

      Любовь Толкалина скандалит с дочерью

      Daughter Lyubov Tolkalina from Yegor Konchalovsky Masha grows wayward girl. The actress has repeatedly said that they are very different, so with the onset of puberty in children in the family began to be a serious conflict.

      Love lives with the heir in the center of Moscow, as Maria goes to school, where some teachers remember a few generations Mikhalkov. Periodically, the mother and daughter can not find common language even in everyday issues. Mary does not admit Love to the door of his room and says nothing to her about interests. Lyubov Tolkalina finds out about the secret daughter from a friend

      “Mary is sabotaging my attempts to clean this place up. For a year I’m not allowed to enter her room. She forbids me to take interest in their Hobbies, many of which, frankly, I’m shocked,” said Tolkalina.

      The girl is talented, she paints, plays piano, composes music and tries to write songs. To the heiress of the clan Mikhalkov consistent with the great ancestors, Love made her tough training schedule, which Mary must adhere to. The girl admits that arguing with her mother, sometimes using English swear words. The heiress tries to please sometimes Love even does the cleaning, but Tolkalina always finds the nuances, according to the girls, who were immature.

      The most problematic issue was the fact that mothers and daughters have different personalities and temperaments. Mary is always very slow, awkward and loud, it is always more interesting during the trip to find a restaurant where you can eat, and then go to enjoy museums. Love, by contrast, is characterized by grace, haste and the desire to constantly learn and learn new.

      “I think I’m one, the others do not try. I have a terrible temper, frequent mood swings. Besides, I’m tired, which means that all tasks become problems and reasons to fight. Sometimes I stop and think: “who am I fighting? With the man made light. Closer it I have no one”. Terribly upset and unable to cry then the whole day”, – told Tolkalina in an interview with “7 Days”.

      By the way, according to the actress, the daughter gets along much better with father. Konchalovsky spoil a girl with gifts, allow her to watch horror movies, gives more freedom. However, Mary believes that both her parents work too much, so she accustomed herself to occupy yourself and spend time alone.

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