Ludmila Ivanova: “Volchek told me not to smoke”

Людмила Иванова: «Волчек запретила мне курить» The actress, who played Sascha in “the Service novel”, told “StarHit”, who saves her from loneliness. In an exclusive interview with star of Soviet cinema also told about the most intimate.

      Людмила Иванова: «Волчек запретила мне курить»

      The Shura, which is “to plow”, this year will be 83 years old. And “Contemporary”, in which she served for more than half a century, today celebrates its 60th anniversary. Due to age and health, the actress rarely goes on stage, but happy birthday favorite theater will definitely congratulations. On this occasion the audience will show a new performance, and then the artists and technicians will gather at the pavilion, small stage, where we will clean the chairs and covered tables.

      Lyudmila Ivanovna has prepared a gift – wrote a memoir in which he described the troupe. On the eve of the anniversary of the theatre “StarHit” visited the actress in her apartment on Clean ponds, across the street from the theater “Contemporary”. The farm practices assistant Galina. When they arrive, pupils, grandchildren Trifon and Elizabeth and his son Ivan Milyaev – he’s the artistic Director children’s theatre “the Impromptu” which is directed by Ivanov. The actress was immediately invited to the table, offered to taste Armenian wine and eat a slice of pineapple: “You drink, I’ll just take a SIP, have a cold”.

      Lyudmila Ivanovna, why the largest Chapter in your book devoted to the art Director of theatre of Galina Volchek?
      Людмила Иванова: «Волчек запретила мне курить»Connects us not only work, but also a long friendship. We studied together in the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, was friends. Course we had a star: Igor Kvasha, Irina Skobtseva, Leonid Bronevoy. We with Galina Borisovna liked to have a rest in Batumi. She enjoyed enormous success with the opposite sex, her machine went, everyone wanted to meet you. Though, apparently, the blonde was me, but Caucasian men had such a crush on the Gal. She was a fashionista. Went on the Commission, helped me dress to choose.—
      Her mother sewed beautifully?
      Людмила Иванова: «Волчек запретила мне курить»Yes. It is Vera Isaakovna made a dress for Irina Skobtseva, in which she shone at the Cannes film festival. We even fitting present. Galya introduced me to the spirits. When I gave birth to my first son, Volchek sent me to the hospital half a bottle of French. Full was not able to buy – expensive.—
      Now how often meet with Galina Borisovnoj?
      Людмила Иванова: «Волчек запретила мне курить»Last saw you at an evening of “Contemporary” in March. Galya was a leader on the course. We called it the barometer – she felt the truth and a lie. I am very glad that many years ago she forbade me to smoke: “Mila, don’t datacent! Do not ever give up!”—
      With any of the actors of the “Contemporary” idea, too.
      Людмила Иванова: «Волчек запретила мне курить»GAFTA love. I can call him even at 11 PM. He reads me his poetry and epigrams. With him, by the way, many funny stories happened. Was this artist Valia Nikulin, who served in the “contemporary” for 45 years. Now on tour he was accommodated together with other valley Said. Nikulin all time, the guests were walking around, came drunk at night. But the talent did not use, and do sports. Tired of his room mate, and he decided to teach him a lesson, they say, sleep will not lie down, wait and show gruel. In three hours the night burst into drunken master. Valentine jumped up and started to thrash fists. And in response I heard the German language. Turns out the alien who lived in the same hotel, a different room…
      Людмила Иванова: «Волчек запретила мне курить»
      From young artists who can select?
      Людмила Иванова: «Волчек запретила мне курить»Sergei Garmash. He is the same age as my eldest son Vanya. Only son graduated staged in the Moscow art Theater, and Sergei – acting. I think Garmash is a great actor. We even starred together in a film that, alas, did not work. By the way, he recently called and congratulated 8 March.—
      You have so everything is convenient: “Contemporary” across the street “Impromptu” in the house. How did it happen?
      Людмила Иванова: «Волчек запретила мне курить»I used to live in a large apartment on the fourth floor in this green building, also next to the “Contemporary”. And when a leg injury turned out to be in a wheelchair, I swapped the housing on the first floor in another house. Five times I was moved to be closer to the theater. Always carried with him the rarities from grandparents: furniture, pianos. From the eldest son, Wani – picture.—
      What was left of her youngest son Alexander after his departure?
      Людмила Иванова: «Волчек запретила мне курить»Sasha, like me, loved to play the guitar. Only his tools. The son was a psychologist by education. Has lived only forty years. In 2010, the whole family was sick – terrible complications from the flu. The son recovered, but his body was still weakened. Then kept a strict fast, and on Easter eve broke the fast and clutched his heart. The death has come instantly. Later I went to the hospital in critical condition. And while laying there, my husband died Valery miljaev. I even bury him could not. Still not fully recovered.—
      You support the “Contemporary”?
      Людмила Иванова: «Волчек запретила мне курить»Yes, support both materially and morally. Also I run my “off the cuff”. I still have the children’s Studio of aesthetic education. The husband was a doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences received a penny, so I’m used to work and live on their money. However, my husband was very smart. For me this is important quality in a man.
      Людмила Иванова: «Волчек запретила мне курить»
      Grandchildren for acting path go?
      Людмила Иванова: «Волчек запретила мне курить»No, and I’m glad. It is a dependent profession. Tryphon is 18 years old, studying to be an architect. From morning until night something draws, gritting his teeth. He is a creative guy. We about literature and my projects talking. And granddaughter Lisa – financier, is already working.—
      How do you like to spend your free time?
      Людмила Иванова: «Волчек запретила мне курить»Entertain yourself with TV. Here some say that I hate “the box”, and I always include. At 6 PM is “murder She wrote”. I love detectives. By the way, today watched “peeping Tom” with Lena Yakovleva. It is very lyubluy as an actress and as a person.—
      A problem you have?
      Yes. The village is called Shishkina, under Tarusa. Before I went there with my husband and sons. Junior had put in a huge garden, he was a fan of rural life. Now out to the country together with assistant Galya. But we will go there in the summer, and now I work. My dream is to put the play on the letters of Goethe’s mother. The script is already written, and play the poet’s mother is not averse. Our fates are similar, in her old age she was also in a wheelchair.

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