Любовь или смирение: что скрывается за внешней идиллией семьи Бейонсе Pregnancy of the actress proves that her husband never gives her cause for jealousy. Or is she just comfortable with his behavior? Entourage stars wondering what the relationship really between Beyonce and Jay-Z.

      In early February, photo 35-year-old singer with a rounded tummy blew up “Instagram” for twenty minutes, it was viewed more than a million people. The rest of the pictures where shining beyoncé, among other things, posing underwater, she posted on the official website.

      “The Lord has blessed our family in a double size,” she wrote, announcing the impending birth of twins. But just a year ago, even the biggest optimist would not call this a happy family. Especially after the songs from the album Lemonade Beyonce openly accused 47-year-old husband Jay-Z cheating and threatened to leave in the fog along with her older daughter, leaving him in the arms of a mysterious “Becky with beautiful hair.”

      Looking for a woman!

      In April last year after the release of Beyonce all began to wonder who this Becky. Candidates had accumulated a decently – music producers popular with women. Before Jay Z and Beyonce legalized relationship, there were rumors that he willingly spends personal time in the company of Rihanna. Following the heroine of his novel was allegedly the other singer Rita Ora. The model and singer rap Liv stated that Jay Z tried to hit on her. After a few months, the music Mogul was noticed in the society of the winner of the beauty contest “Miss Belgium”. The latest in this long for a married man list was designer Rachel Roy, former wife of his business partner.

      In all cases the evidence against Jay Z looked circumstantial, but the smoke without fire does not happen. Moreover, it is explained constantly hovers over the star couple, the specter of divorce. Jay Z and Beyonce fought a lot in public. However, the divorce never materialized. Beyonce never found the strength to leave the man she knew and loved for 18 years.

      “We are all human beings, she said. – Even if you look perfect on magazine covers, even if you’re successful, it does not save you from sadness, resentment, heart wounds, anxiety and fear. To find a partner for fun and joy easily, much harder to find someone who will share with you the difficult times”.


      One of the most severe trials that befell Jay Z and Beyonce, was the first pregnancy, which ended in a forced abortion. “I heard the beating of the second heart inside – recalled the singer. – I was overwhelmed with happiness wanted to shout to the whole world. But when I came to new York for examination, the doctors said that the baby is dead.”

      Became pregnant again in 2011, beyoncé out of superstition kept it a secret until her situation became apparent. Tummy, which debuted on the MTV awards, has made more noise than the ceremony itself. And then someone started a rumor that in fact the child is carrying a surrogate, but Beyonce goes almost planted under a dress with a pillow.

      “Idiots, – said the singer. – Do I seem so vain as to refuse natural motherhood for the sake of the piece?” Five years after the birth of daughter blue ivy, the singer has been working on is done then errors. Announced the pregnancy two weeks before the Grammys, the twins became the main sensation of the award. And was photographed half-naked, proving that tummy she has the most that neither is natural.