Александр Ревва заговорил о третьем ребенке The showman and his wife want a baby. According to Revva, he’s proud of his heirs. Artist of humorous programs expects from his wife Angelica of birth another baby and is already wondering how she would look.

      Star Comedy Club Alexander Revva happy marriage with his wife Angelica, who is familiar for 13 years. According to the entertainer, they did not even notice how time flew. The comedian claims that their relationship still have a passion, they know how to surprise and delight each other.

      Alexander and Angelica two daughters, Alice and Amelie. A man has admitted in interviews that he’s crazy heiresses. Revva feels really happy in the circle of favorite girls at home. Showman hinted that in the future he plans to have another child.

      “I would be happy to have three daughters, so I want to know what will be the third girl! After all, Alice and Amelie did not like each other. Little – my copy of the elder Angelique. For this reason I want more children! I wonder who’s next,” admitted Alexander.

      According to the showman, he managed to warn spouse about your plans. Revva believes that it is necessary to have children when you want, and not wait for a few years of prosperity in material terms. According to the humorist, Angelica supports him in all endeavors.

      “The first person I consult about different ideas, this is Angelica. She got very affected. For example, this happened several times, I record a song, spending a lot of energy, money, time, and she said, “No, this song will not go, will not work”, How we, men, sometimes? “No, will ,I know better”. And then look – Yes, indeed, as did my wife say what happened,” said Revva.

      Says the former participant of KVN, he knows how to keep peace in the family. Arist, never swears at his daughters and tries them all intelligibly explain. Alexander is not afraid to show funny pictures and videos with the participation of the heirs, although many celebrities hide the kids, fearing that they will jinx it.

      “Amelie – a child who brings joy. We had fun, we laughed at this Bunny, and I decided to share good will with your subscribers. What’s wrong?” – said Revva in an interview with “Telenedelya”.