Lou Ferrigno found a new job

Дана Борисова  нашла себе новую работу
Until the last moment Dana Borisova made a living by campaigns on television shows and advertising beauty salons in instagram.

Дана Борисова  нашла себе новую работу

But, in order to get an invitation to the Studio, you need a high-profile event, and they are only getting smaller. Of course, you can still continue the story of the relationship with the daughter and her father, especially since the court, she lost, but it is the echoes of its former hype.

Дана Борисова  нашла себе новую работу

And so Dan found a place “specialty”. Now she is the press Secretary of the Russian public organization “Mothers against drugs”. The organization is not particularly well-promoted, but the salary there Dana will pay. So now she is officially employed.

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