“Long lost sister” Prince’s claim to the inheritance

«Давно потерянная сестра» Принса претендует на наследство

Three hundred million inheritance suddenly deceased singer Prince is haunted by his relatives, which every day becomes more and more. The illegitimate son is found. Now – long-lost sister.

Lawyers of some of Darell Johnston has filed a lawsuit claiming that their client is the sister of the deceased, and therefore also need to claim your piece of the pie. Sources close to the deceased, told reporters that Darcell they had a sister by the mother, and informed her about anything, no one heard. How could a mother hide another baby, and why Darnell showed up right now – this history is silent.
As it became known, a huge inheritance of the singer will get not only his blood sister Tick, but the rest of the half-brothers and sisters (not counting Darnell) six.

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