«Длинные ресницы и пухлые щечки!» Виторган и Собчак опубликовали фото сына
The head of the star family showed a tender family picture.

Ksenia Sobchak with his son Plato

Photo: @mvitorgan (Instagram Maxim Vitorgan)

Maxim Vitorgan late last night showed a recent photo of his wife Ksenia Sobchak with his son Platon. The actor first showed the face of a baby, which, of course, caused a stir in the Network. A shot from the family archive Vitorgan signed modestly and succinctly: “Tenderness…”

“Cheeks — lovely!”, “What a charming, pugles!”, “And the cilia which!”, “We have already seen the breed Vitorgan, sure, dad!” — wrote Maxim.

By the way, recently she has shared the recipe of family happiness. She and her husband, as it turned out, there is some agreement about adultery. 35-year-old TV presenter and her husband agreed in the case of fait accompli infidelity never tell me about it its second half.

“First, never to admit to the cheating husband. Conversely, it also taught me that. He says: “If ever anything you tell me, please, never say”. I said, “That?” He said, “Yeah, just don’t tell that lie to the last.” Here I have even an indulgence…” — said Ksenia.