VIDEO: Russian designer Ekaterina Malysheva became the Duchess of Braunschweig-lüneburg

ВИДЕО: Русский дизайнер Екатерина Малышева стала герцогиней Брауншвейг-Люнебург
Hanoverian Prince married against the will of the father.

Held yesterday, the wedding of Prince Ernst-August
Junior became one of the most significant events in the high life of Europe.
But at the same time, this event was accompanied hardly probable not the loudest
a scandal among the European aristocracy.

Ekaterina Malysheva and Prince Ernst-August Jr.


The wedding of Prince Ernst-August took place on a truly Royal scale. The ceremony, held in the Market Church in the German city Hannover has gathered more than 600 guests. The newlyweds welcomed an honor guard stood hundreds of people, dressed in national costumes. All this action was accompanied by a fanfare of trumpets and bells. After the ceremony, the bride and groom left the Church in a carriage covered in red silk. For a wedding followed by a festive lunch and in the evening held a gala Banquet in the family of the groom — the Malbork castle…

However, the wedding was Royal, not only for its luxury. Ernst-August really belongs to the Royal dynasty of Hanover. He is a descendant of British king George III in the male line. And, being a relative of Queen Elizabeth II, from a formal point of view, refers to the number of potential heirs to the British throne. Besides, the Prince has a relationship with the ruling monarchs and other “twig”. He is the son of Prince Ernst August the elder, presumed husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco(sister of Prince albert II). Of course, Ernst-August and Caroline have been living apart, but they are still not divorced.

In fact, because of the groom’s father and the scandal badly spoil the mood of the Ernst-August Junior. The fact that even when about a year ago, 33-year-old Prince announced to his parent that he intends to marry the designer of Russian origin Yekaterina Malysheva, he flatly refused to give him his blessing, and exclusively “materialistic” reason. He apparently decided Catherine is a gold digger, which included plans to seize the wealth of the house of Hanover (his estimate of 500 million GBP). The groom’s father gave him a condition: if the son wants to marry Malysheva, he must return all donated equipment, including several family castles. And as Ernst-August Jr. refused to do so, the father cut off all contact with his heir and didn’t come to his wedding. Ernst-August senior said in an interview with the German edition: “this decision was difficult for me because it concerns my son. I am, first and foremost, should think about the interests of the house of Hanover, the preservation of their wealth belonged to them for centuries…”

As for the bride, which will now be known as her Royal Highness the Princess of Hanover, Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg, Prince started Dating six years ago. Last year and a half the lovers lived together in London, where Catherine came to learn the skill of the designer in the famous school London College of Fashion. She founded the brand EKAT, which became very successful. Among clients Malysheva has a lot of celebrities, including actress Sienna Miller and singer Rita Ora. However, making your gorgeous wedding dress, Catherine still chose to outsource to another designer — bridesmaid — Sandra Mansour.