Супруг Лолиты готовит романтический сюрприз на островах The actress is going to fly abroad. Soon Lolita and her husband Joe will celebrate the anniversary of living together. They plan to retire in this day abroad, on the Mediterranean sea.

      Last week Lolita staged a Grand show in “Crocus city Hall”. The singer appeared at a solo concert in spectacular outfits that emphasized the dignity of her figure. The actress made an impression on the viewers. No one could believe that at 53 she will jump on the stage, cheerfully laugh and execute complex choreographic elements.

      “I love as a person, as a person. The lo a little – she’s a real woman”, “Great! And the dress is beautiful!”, “So much energy, enthusiasm, emotions, impressions!”, “Lola, you are the best, funny, charismatic, funny, beautiful, and worthy,” wrote fans of the Palladium after a concert.

      Lolita admitted that she doesn’t feel his age. Besides, her husband Dmitry Ivanov helps the woman to remain always in a great mood. Very soon they will celebrate the eighth birthday of their life together. On the occasion, the husband decided to give lolita a trip to Malta.

      “We visit all kinds of castles, tombs. I’m a fan of the website obituaries. At night, when my to bed, I stop and study the history of tombstones. It wildly interesting!” – said Palladium reporters.

      Lolita plans to relax on the Mediterranean coast. Recall that in late 2016, the artist is faced with serious problems in relations with the beloved man. Dmitry was in a sect where it is literally a zombie. Thanks to the intervention of Lolita, he was able to leave the organization. However, Ivanov took a rehabilitation psychologist because he suffered from mood swings and occasionally showed aggression towards others. Lolita tries to save the wife from the influence of the sect

      IBA told reporters that it is very worried about the health of a loved one. Besides, the woman took the initiative to close the centers that brainwash people. She addressed this statement to the appropriate authorities. Despite any difficulties, Lolita tries not to lose heart.

      “I know that each of us need self-irony. This is what saves people in any crisis”, – the singer admitted to the publication “Sobesednik”.