Алена Кравец сменила имидж ради нового ухажера Model surprised followers extravagant way. Alena Kravets decided to dye my hair. Fans of the actress were surprised, noting that the previous hair color suited her much more.

      Model and actress Alena Kravets remembered by many of his angelic looks: slim waist, chiseled features and blonde long hair. Recently, however, the ex-wife of billionaire Ruslan Kravets decided to say goodbye to the image of the blonde. Fans Kravets surprised by this change. “I after 18 years blonde very hard to get used to the native brown, but the like”, – said Alena. Most of the followers did not appreciate the experiment model.

      A few days ago in the microblogging Alena began to appear pictures with new hair color. People who have recently watched television with the participation of blonde Kravets, such a transformation did not like. “Oh no… I so enjoyed your gorgeous blond curls”, “Blonde better Blonde it was so good,” said the subscribers.

      Kravets did not pay attention to the negative opinions of detractors. According to the model, the most important thing that changes in the way appreciated by her lover.

      “The man I love. Love is not for hair and color”, – said Alena.

      By the way, Kravets happy in a new relationship with a mysterious lover. Apparently, the man is quite wealthy, as he spared no expense to please his beloved. Recently, the model said that the boyfriend presented her a mansion on the ruble, however, is that the woman did not dare to move.

      “If he’s going to be against the fact that we Danielle and I moved into a new house, of course, we are not going to relocate. For me the priority is the daughter. We didn’t talk to him, he doesn’t know that gave me a mansion” – shared Kravets with “StarHit”.

      Alena admits that all the time tries to pay for the education of her daughter. The woman was not mortified when her ex-husband Ruslan took Danielle to live with myself. Fortunately, the situation was resolved in favor of the singer. “We are together again and more so long time! I am very grateful to all who empathized me in this dramatic situation. I realized how many I am not indifferent” – said Kravets after the reunification with the child. Alena Kravets: “For the daughter I will fight to the last!”