Lolita told about her lover A few years ago, Lolita shared that she was having an affair with a certain businessman, really , there was no evidence of this.

Lolita told about her lover The singer said that the chosen one is very rich, younger than her and living abroad and this is how they build love at a distance, meeting periodically. =”Lolita told about her lover” />

Then, they allegedly quarreled and broke up. Well, now, Milyavskaya announced that she was again in a relationship with the same businessman. The artist told a little more: the name of her lover is Roman and he is 8 years younger than her. Lolita is not going to marry him yet, since she has already been rather tired of these weddings and divorces in her entire turbulent life. Well, the singer does not plan to present the businessman to the public either.

Lolita told about her lover

So, it remains to take the word that Roman still exists.

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