Dmitry Nazarov hospitalized It looks like the last minutes of the match for the Russian Cup between Spartak Moscow and Dynamo cost the red-and-whites' passionate fan Dmitry Nazarov dearly. Dmitry Nazarov was hospitalized” /> Nazarov is very painfully worried about the game of his favorite team, which in recent years pleases only with episodes. True, Spartak won the cup final, but in the last seconds of the match a penalty kick was awarded to his gate, which could turn the game around, but everything worked out, and the Dynamo player shot above the gate. So, the ending was “valid”.

Dmitry Nazarov was hospitalized< p>It is not surprising that Dmitry Yuryevich had to go to the doctors with complaints about his heart in one of the capital's cardio centers and was hospitalized.

Dmitry Nazarov is hospitalized

Now the actor will have to undergo an examination to understand whether he needs an operation or not.

This football will not lead to good.

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